What is Cold Laser Therapy?

Cold Laser Therapy is a deep penetrating modality that can help reduce pain and inflammation. When there is an injury or inflammation the cells in your body become irritated and/or damaged. They can use the light energy from the Cold Laser to stimulate and accelerate the healing process.

 What makes a Cold Laser different from other therapies?

Cold Laser Therapy is unique in that it is a deep penetrating modality with no noted side effects.  Conservative options to reduce inflammation are few which makes the Cold Laser vital to most treatment protocols. The Cold Laser can be used effectively over both bone, joint and soft-tissue.

What kind of conditions can Cold Laser help?

Cold Laser Therapy can be effective in treating any condition that causes pain and creates inflammation.

Conditions such as:

-Joint pain

-Planter fasciitis


-Disc Herniation


-Extremity pain

How often does Cold Laser Therapy need to be done?

The frequency of cold laser therapy is dependent upon the condition and the severity of injury and symptoms. Typically it is a type of they that is done over a series of treatments.

Is Cold Laser Therapy covered by insurance?

Cold laser therapy is not currently covered by most major medical insurances, however, it is usually is covered for a personal injury or workers comp case.

We do offer affordable cash plans. Please call the office for more information.