Massage Therapy

Deep tissue and muscle, sports, therapeutic massage, trigger point therapy
and reflexology.

Therapeutic Techniques Offered

Cold Laser Massage

Combines the massage type of your choosing with Cold Laser Therapy focused on problem areas of pain, swelling, tension.  The Cold Laser stimulates a healing response at a cellular level while the therapist increases blood flow and decreases muscle tension.  Provides an optimal healing environment for the bodies tissues.

Deep Tissue

A massage technique that releases the chronic tension and adhesions in the deep muscle and connective tissue using slow, focused strokes.


Orthopedic massage is a problem and symptom focused massage, that involves therapeutic assessment, manipulation and movement of soft tissues to resolve pain and dysfunction.


One of the most common techniques that uses light to medium, long soothing strokes, with the purpose of reducing stress while improving circulation, range of motion, and muscle tension.


$10 OFF your first Massage

30 minutes        $35

60 minutes        $60

90 minutes        $90


Monday - Saturday (By Appointment Only)

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Cash or Credit. We will work with Personal Injury and Worker's Comp cases


We will give you the codes and you can submit to your Insurance Company for Re-imbursement.