Accidents & Injuries

If you have been in an accident or have been injured your first encounter likely has been in the ER, Urgent Care or your family physician.  These are all perfect places to start and most do an excellent job of triaging the injured. They will make sure that there is nothing that requires urgent medical attention.  If you do not need urgent medical attention there is a good chance you will be released from care, possibly with some medicinal instructions and home instructions. 

Everything is OK, right?  Wrong, this is when the real treatment should begin!  Immediately after discharge your next appointment should be in our office for further evaluation of your muscles and joints and nerves.  

During an Accident (motor vehicle or otherwise) the forces from the impact will be transferred through your body (i.e your joints, muscles and ligaments).  This force does damage that will not be picked up on x-rays and the movement of your joints will need to be assessed by a specialist in joint movement.  This is where we become the leader in your rehabilitation from the accident/injury.

Our protocols involve a detailed assessment of general and specific joint motion as well as your soft tissues (muscles and connective tissue).  If the joints are not moving properly treatment should begin immediately, if not, early onsets of arthritis and other degenerative changes of your spine and soft tissue will begin and deteriorate the health of your spine and muscles.  In the end degeneration of your spine will having a negative effect on the way your nerves function as well.  

Call us immediately if you have been in an Accident or have suffered an Injury.....  484-821-0880.